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History of our Brand

Learn when the first 5àsec laundry opened, what does „5” in our name stand for and in how many countries do we operate nowadays. Get to know us better!

In the 60s, the textile care industry was made up of independent dry cleaners, who offered high quality services aimed at affluent customers, complex and unclear rates, not to mention excessively long delivery times.

5àsec – it is all about the client

5àsec opened its first branches in 1968, based on a genuinely innovative concept which soon was to start a real revolution in the laundry industry: to provide a wide range of dry cleaning and laundry services, with not only a good quality/price ratio, but also accessible laundry stores. That was a step forward on the market. In first place, the price list changed. It became simplified but still clear-cut – applying only 5 different prices (hence the ‘5’ in 5àsec) – not to mention quick delivery.

Dry cleaning without frontiers

As a result, by launching an offer tailored to constantly changing customer needs, 5àsec has experienced a rapid and successful development, as a result of a timely launched commercial offer. Operating today in more than 30 countries around the world, the group started its expansion in France, by opening stores all across the country, before successfully breaking into international markets. First 5àsec laundry in Poland opened in 1999 in Katowice. Currently we have more than 120 modern stores conveniently located in shopping centers. With over a dozen of years of experience on the Polish market 5àsec has become an undisputed leader of laundry services. We are a trendsetting innovator with the biggest and the best equipped technical background.

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Get to know 5àsec

5àsec is the world leader in the textile care and Poland’s biggest chain of professional laundries.

We offer to our Clients a comprehensive set of services including clothes and household textiles laundry and leather shoes restoration. We divide our services into standard, specialized and premium.

In the latter category there is a special place for the technology of water treatment Aquasec, which protects the fabric and the colour, removes stains and persistent smell, restoring your favourite clothes freshness and softness.

5àsec offers a large number of benefits:

  • highest customer service standards (consumer research Ipsos, 2015)
  • the state-of-art laundry technologies
  • proved professionalism of services (consumer research Ipsos, 2015)
  • short delivery period
  • attractive customer loyalty program for those who own 5àsec Club Card: 15% discount for all the services every time you visit any of our laundries plus additional dedicated offers and discounts.