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Franchise cooperation

Dry cleaning is considered one of the most sustainable service industries. A laundry in preferred location in a shopping center or an attractive urban location generates stable, long – term growing income. Check out our franchise offer.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Do you think creatively?
Do you like to engage in ambitious projects? Do you think positive about your future?
Are you open to new technologies? Do you believe you can succeed?

If so, 5àsec offers you a proven business model, many years of experience combined with the unique know – how and access to global selling markets. All that comprised in an elastic, modern and steadily developing organizational structure.
We invite you to cooperate!

Perfect partner

5àsec Franchisee is:

  • a success oriented person
  • relentless and fully committed to running the laundry
  • effective in managing a several persons team
  • enthusiastic about training courses
  • ready to invest necessary financial resources

Benefits of cooperation with 5àsec:

  • the best locations
  • strength of recognizable and appreciated global brand
  • access to the wide range of the highest quality services
  • modern laundry equipment, ongoing consultations and training courses which allow to upgrade your staff’s skills
  • technical support and service
  • professional analysis of your results
  • your presence in nationwide marketing campaigns

The volume of investments and profits:

Franchise is a common project. That is why after signing the contract you can still rely on 5àsec’s support.
The investment may be financed by your own resources, a bank loan or leasing funds.

The profit from running the activity belongs fully to the franchisee and shall not be divisible. The amount of profit depends, among other things, on: laundry’s location, investment’s financing structures, franchisee’s commitments and selling skills.


If interested, please contact us:
Phone.: 022 430 01 40


  • Franchisee questionnaire

    • Franchise slideshow

Harmonogram promocji z kartą 5asec

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Get to know 5àsec

5àsec is the world leader in the textile care and Poland’s biggest chain of professional laundries.

We offer to our Clients a comprehensive set of services including clothes and household textiles laundry and leather shoes restoration. We divide our services into standard, specialized and premium.

In the latter category there is a special place for the technology of water treatment Aquasec, which protects the fabric and the colour, removes stains and persistent smell, restoring your favourite clothes freshness and softness.

5àsec offers a large number of benefits:

  • highest customer service standards (consumer research Ipsos, 2015)
  • the state-of-art laundry technologies
  • proved professionalism of services (consumer research Ipsos, 2015)
  • short delivery period
  • attractive customer loyalty program for those who own 5àsec Club Card: 15% discount for all the services every time you visit any of our laundries plus additional dedicated offers and discounts.